The cuckold's wife

di    Belle Roberts



  The meeting had been arranged for several weeks now. The couple had spent much of this time fantasizing about it, and while they’d both chatted with the newcomer over the phone and seen his e-mailed picture, they were still not quite sure what they were in for.
On several occasions they had role played what would happen on the fated night. But they both knew that the stranger would bring an unpredictable dynamic that they had no control over. It was exactly what they were looking for, but at the same time, the couple felt anxious, not knowing how much control they would be giving up.
The night before, the wife asked her husband undress her, wash her body, and then spray her most intimate parts with perfume. He was allowed to inhale her scent and admire her body– but was not allowed to touch her or himself.
The next day– THE day– the two had a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. But the instructions had been clear: She was to be fresh and ready for the stranger, which meant the husband was not to have touched her for any of the preceding 48 hours.
The hours ticked by, and the two made futile attempts to be productive at work and at home. Come dinnertime, she ate lightly and then bathed. After drying herself off, she slipped into the dress that the stranger had picked out from the selection of images she had sent him. She knew that she looked great in it, but besides that, there was the added element that her husband had proposed to her when she had been wearing it.
The fabric hung loose in some places and gathered tightly around her body in other spots, showing her body off to perfection. She put on the minimal makeup required to highlight her lips and eyes, but anxiously, she realized she still had to wait another 30 minutes before the stranger would arrive. She went in to the living room to see her husband, who was pretending to take a great interest in a nature program on TV. He looked up at her and told her how fabulous she looked– but she had seen him peering at her from behind the bedroom door (left purposefully ajar), so she knew her attire was no surprise to him.
The minutes trickled by until the designated time arrived and passed. Was the stranger being deliberately late? Perhaps he, too, was in a state of excitement; perhaps he, too, had not done this before. But he had, in fact, had plenty of time to work out what he was going to do. As he sat in the car outside the house, he went through the plan one last time.
Eleven minutes late, the door bell rang. The husband got up and went to open the door. The stranger introduced himself as the wife’s work colleague, come to collect her for the firm’s annual banquet. Both men played their parts to perfection, as no hint was given that both of them knew what was going on.
The wife had dashed upstairs when she heard the alarm so that she could come back down and make an entrance. So the two men stood in the hall chatting inconsequentially.
The wife called out from the top of the stairs, asking her husband if he had seen her keys– a ruse, of course, to get their attention. Then she walked down the stairs, slowly, one step at a time, so that both men could take the time to look her body over. She felt their eyes travel over her, lingering on the parts of her body where the fabric was tightest.
Once she reached the bottom of the stairs, she sashayed over to the stranger and greeted him with an invented name, keeping up the pretence of the story.
The chat was contrived and stilted, but it got the three of them through the next couple of minutes, until finally the stranger said that they had better go or else they would be late. The wife moved towards the door and then stopped with her back to the men. Then, the stranger walked up behind her and said, “Oh, there is something that needs to be removed.” The wife has been waiting for this, as it was one of the last arrangements made between her and the stranger. But, to the husband, this is a giant deviation from the plan.
The stranger knelt down behind the woman and ran his hands slowly up her legs. The fabric of the dress bunches together as the stranger’s hands move up underneath. The husband moves closer to get a better look.
Next, the stranger took hold of the wife’s panties and drew them down over her buttocks gently, feeling the fabric pull away from where it had been cupping her sex. He dragged the flimsy fabric down her legs as she gingerly stepped out of them.
The stranger stood up and once again let his hands wander up her legs, causing the fabric to ride up, leaving her curved rear exposed to the still-open doorway. With his hand still cupping the wife’s bottom, the stranger turned to the husband and handed him the panties. Then he shook his hand and wished him good night before the temporary couple moved out into the night.
The husband rushed to the front window and watched as the stranger opened the passenger door for his wife. Elegantly, she turned and leaned down to climb into the vehicle. Then– before swinging her legs into the foot well– she let her legs part just wide enough for both the stranger and the husband to get a clear look at her nakedness underneath.
A moment later they drive off, leaving the husband to sit and await her return.