Daddy's Girl

di    Belle Roberts



  They are fucking, again. It’s just past one in the morning, but the unmistakable sound of the rise and fall of bed springs, coupled with muffled moans and the din from the TV that they’ve left on ensures that no one will be sleeping tonight. I lay in bed with my eyes closed wondering if I should masturbate to the sound of my roommate, but decided not to. I was feeling a bit annoyed, a bit sorry for myself.
My boyfriend left me a few weeks ago. He said it was “complicated,” and assured me that it was all “him, and not me.” Fine, I said, trying to hide the tremble in my voice. Fine.
Of course, it wasn’t really fine. I thought he was the love of my life. Handsome, smart, educated, with a good job and a great sense of humour. I had fallen hard for him. One of my best friends told me that she had seen him only days after we broke up with another woman. That bitch. Bet she is cute as hell. No – hang on, I bet she’s ugly and desperate and… with my man. Sighing, I pulled the covers up over my ears and closed my eyes, trying to block out the sounds coming from down the hall.
What seemed like an hour passed and they didn’t let up. I had no idea sex could even last that long. Admittedly, I was a bit impressed. I got out of bed and pressed my ear to my bedroom door. I could hear their muffled voices coming from the other room, but couldn’t make out what they were saying.
Curiosity got the best of me and I pulled my bedroom door open slightly. They sounded so close I felt as though they were in the same room. There was a sliver of light shining on the wood floor of the hallway. I paused for a moment before slowly poking my head out the door. Could they really have left their door open? I wondered.
“You little slut,” he said in between ragged breaths. “You’ve been a bad, bad girl. Daddy’s going to pin you against the wall and fuck you until you scream.”
I felt my insides flip with excitement. I eased slowly out into the hallway and padded softly toward their bedroom.
I heard her whimper, and then say, “Fuck my pussy, fuck it harder!”
The sound of his cock ramming in and out of her drove me wild. I could hear her gasping for air as she begged him not to stop. I knew I should have left them alone and gone back to my bedroom but I was transfixed. My nipples hardened as I shuffled down the hallway.
“Oh I’ve been bad, fuck me daddy,”
Now I was standing just inches from the door. I peered cautiously inside the room. There was a long mirror on the opposite wall of the bedroom and I could see a reflection of myself standing in the doorway. I was dripping with heat and dampness as I pulled down my panties and dropped them to the floor. Naked, exposed, and flushed with arousal, I watched my best friend and her boyfriend fuck. Her feet were straight up in the air around his neck and he was standing by the edge of the bed, moaning with each thrust.
I slowly began to finger myself. My fingers slid easily in and out while my other hand teased and tugged at my nipples. I started fucking myself with a steady rhythm and let out a soft whimper. I was completely absorbed in my self pleasuring when out of the corner of my eye I noticed her boyfriend looking into the mirror, watching me. Horrified, I froze in the doorway, with my fingers still buried deep inside me. Shit.
With one sudden movement he swung my roommate onto her knees and gripped her firmly around the waist, all the while penetrating me with his gaze. My legs trembled as I watched him thrust his cock into her from behind. She bucked her hips in acceptance and rocked back into him, eagerly taking his shaft into her pussy. Her tits bounced as he fucked her. A small gasp escaped my lips as I felt my cheeks redden with desire.
He smiled at me and nodded seductively. As if by command I thrust my fingers deep into my aching pussy again, feeling my own climax building steadily inside of me.
“Oh fuck!” My roommate screamed, as her orgasm swept through her. Her body shook and trembled as she clenched her pussy muscles around her boyfriend’s throbbing cock. He grunted and continued to fuck her, his eyes glued to my glistening body with a look of determination on his face. I was close and he could tell. I imagined my fingers were his cock, sliding in and out of my tight hole. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with pleasure. I pressed my body up against the door frame. My orgasm knocked me off my feet at the very moment that he emptied his load into her hot pussy, grabbing her ass and moaning loudly. Hearing me fall to the floor, my roommate jolted her head toward the door.
After a moment of shock, she let out a soft giggle and smiled warmly. She watched as my orgasm subsided and small after shocks coursed through my body. Patting the mattress next to her, she asked me to join her in her bed. I climbed in next to her and she pulled me close, wrapping her arms around my waist. Sweaty, exhausted, and content, we fell asleep, as the light of dawn shone gently through the blinds.