Desire from Beyond

di    Belle Roberts



  It was Halloween night, and the neighbourhood streets will full of children. Jack-o’-lanterns grinned and grimaced from every porch, with fire dancing in their eyes. Leah walked slowly back to her apartment, dragging her feet through the fallen leaves. A group of young girls dressed as princesses ran by, chasing one another and wielding magic wands. Mum and dad followed close behind, keeping a watchful eye over them as they danced about turning people into frogs. Leah smiled at the trick-or-treaters, fondly remembering her childhood. A hard lump formed at the back of her throat. Tonight she was alone. There would be no Halloween festivities this year, no costumes, no parties. As she turned onto her street, Leah felt a warm tear form in the corner of her eye.
“Dammit,” She muttered, drying her eyes.
Halloween had always been Jack’s holiday. The two of them had met twelve years ago at a high school Halloween party. Leah had spotted him sitting alone in the kitchen wearing an elaborate vampire costume, and while all the others pointed fingers and laughed, she went up to talk to him.
“What?” He asked. “You don’t think I should have worn a costume?” Leah just smiled and shook her head.
“It’s just… well…” She hesitated as he watched her expectantly, a slight grin creeping onto his face.
“ – Not cool?” Jack offered.
“So not cool…” She said laughing, and then quickly adding, “Sorry.”
“Hey now…” He said, chuckling softly. “I love Halloween, I love dressing up. It’s the one day of the year that I can be whoever I want and no one will ever question me.” He moved toward her and looked deeply into her eyes. “It’s the one day I can totally be me.”
Something about the way he spoke to her sent chills down her spine. He was intense, but kindhearted, and his presence was compelling, provoking. That evening they got to know one another, and the following morning they fell in love. Ever since then, it had been Jack and Leah: inseparable.
Leah reached her apartment and fished through her bag for the keys. She turned once more to look at the street, letting out a sigh. Her front steps were bare – no pumpkin, no spooky cobwebs, no bowl of candy. She missed him, her loneliness made her heart ache. Salty tears began to run down her cheeks as memories invaded her mind, one after another; the thunderstorm, the brake lights, the shrieking sounds, the crunch of metal against metal, metal against…
She grimaced. No matter how she tried she was haunted by memories of that night. She had never forgiven herself for surviving the crash – she was supposed to have been driving, not him. It was supposed to have been her behind the wheel, not him.
Leah pushed the front door open and dropped her bag on the floor. Her apartment was silent and empty. Padding softly into the kitchen, she put the kettle on the stove and rummaged through the fridge for some dinner. Contemplating the contents of the fridge, she grabbed a beer and turned off the kettle. What I really need is something stronger, she thought to herself. She turned on the television and flopped down onto the couch, trying to shut off her mind.
Buzz -
The doorbell rang, making her jump. “Good lord,” She said to herself. “Darn kids.”
Buzz –
Sighing, she walked to the front door and pulled it open, wondering if putting up a ‘No Candy Here’ sign would get her a bad reputation on the street.
“Randy!” She said, surprised to see her next door neighbour on her front porch.
“Hey Leah,” he said, “Sorry to bother you. I just wanted to give you this.” He handed her a small black envelope.
“Thanks…” she said, looking at Randy quizzically. “What is it?”
“Dunno,” he said. “Someone came around earlier to drop it off. Got the address wrong, I suppose. But it’s got your name on it.” He turned it around in her hand and pointed to the delicate gold calligraphy.

Leah Hutchinson

Her heart dropped into her stomach. She knew that handwriting. She would recognize it anywhere. “T-thanks, Randy,” she said, almost slamming the door in his face. She leaned against the wall to balance herself as she stared down at the envelope. Could it be? Her heart pounded in her chest as she tore open the envelope and pulled out the letter with trembling fingers.

Dearest Leah,
It has been a long time since we last saw one another. I hope you have been a good girl like you promised. In honour of my favourite holiday, I thought we could play a little game, for old time’s sake.
Go to the kitchen for further instructions.
Yours forever,

“Jesus.” Leah said aloud. “What kind of sick joke is this?” She slowly walked back toward the kitchen, stopping every few steps to look around the room. She felt as though she was being watched, as though someone else was there with her. She stepped into the kitchen and spun quickly around, raising her arms in a karate stance. Nothing. She was just as alone as before, in her quiet, empty apartment.
“I need another drink,” She muttered, reaching towards the fridge. Leah pulled open the fridge door and froze, her eyes glued to the spot on the shelf that should have been empty. Instead, there was a bottle of her favourite wine – a bottle that hadn’t been there five minutes earlier. Leaning up against it was another small black envelope. On the envelope in the same delicate gold calligraphy were two words: Your Task. A chill ran up her spine as she reached forward to pick up the envelope. With trembling fingers she opened the envelope, pulling out the small folded piece of paper. Leah took a deep breath, and started to read.

Your task is very simple, so do not disappoint me. I want you to take this wine and pour yourself a glass. Next, you are to draw a hot bath, and let yourself soak in it, and relax. When you are nice and relaxed, you are to take my favourite glass dildo and warm it in the tub water. Then, think of me, and use it as you please.

Leah looked around the kitchen. There was clearly no one else there. How did this note get into her fridge? Who was sending them? Could it really be him? The ball of fear in the pit of Leah’s stomach began to soften as she thought about the possibility of Jack being there with her. Still trembling, she ran her fingers over the gold writing and closed her eyes, willing herself to feel his presence around her. The words in the letter, his words, excited her. It had been so long since she had felt aroused. She reached into the fridge and pulled out the bottle of wine, smiling to herself.
“Might as well…” She said softly, getting a corkscrew from the drawer.
Leah poured herself a glass of wine and took a sip. As the cool, fruity liquid danced across her tongue she suddenly felt more relaxed. She read the letter one more time and was overcome with a strong desire to complete the tasks. She wanted to feel close to Jack again, even if it was to be only momentarily. She wanted to please him. Leah poured a glass for Jack too, and left it out on the counter, just in case he… wherever he was, got thirsty.
Clutching the note in her hand, Leah walked into the bathroom. Turning on the water, she slipped out of her clothing, letting it fall to the floor. She watched her body in the mirror, and wondered if Jack was watching too. She leaned her head to one side and imagined him coming up close behind her, gently pulling her hair away from her neck and whispering softly into her ear. She felt an excited tingle radiate from her center, as a soft sigh escaped from her lips. Leah added some of her favourite bubbles to the bath water, and went into the bedroom to retrieve the glass dildo, an instructed. It was safely nestled away in a small box at the back of her closet – it had been a long time since she had enjoyed its’ long, slender touch. The tingling sensation between her legs grew warm and wet, as she returned to the bathroom.
Slipping into the tub, Leah let out a sigh as the hot water enveloped her, instantly bringing relief to the tension in her back. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the scent of Lavender quieting her mind. Soon she felt weightless, suspended. The room around her disappeared and she was surrounded by peaceful darkness.
“Leah…” She heard his voice clearly through her slumber. It was Jack. “Come with me.” He said.
She opened her eyes and found herself standing at the entrance to a cemetery. The sun was sinking behind the trees, washing the horizon with a crimson glow, her nude body bathed in dying light.
“This way,” said Jack’s voice. She walked through the tall iron gates that marked the entrance to the grounds. Jack was nowhere in sight, but Leah knew where she had to go to find him. Something deep inside of her was making her feet move, like an invisible thread gently tugging her along. She walked up the tiny cobblestone path that wound through the rows of graves. A flock of crows congregated in a nearby oak called out with deafening cries. Leah didn’t jump, she wasn’t afraid.
Leah arrived at the top of a long hill. A large stone table stood before her.
“Leah…” said Jack’s voice, closer this time. “Join me.”
Leah felt her heart swell with his words. She wanted to feel his touch again, his skin against hers, the softness of his kisses. She slowly moved toward the stone table, gracefully pulling herself up onto it. Now Jack’s presence was suddenly stronger. It rippled through her with growing intensity. She threw her head back and surrendered, giving herself fully to him. Leah’s lips parted as she gasped, begging to be taken, to be sacrificed, to be joined together again with her love. Spreading her legs, Leah let out a deep, guttural moan. Her exposed flesh burned with desire. She heard Jack growl as he entered her, filing her emptiness. His energy swept through her in the form of pleasure, ecstasy brewing in the hidden chambers of her soul, unleashing her most hidden desires.
Leah’s body lay limp upon the stone table, as the last of the daylight slipped behind the tree lined horizon. Her bare skin glistened with drops of sweat. Trembling, now with exhaustion, she held on to the rise and fall of each lingering breath with all she had left.