Delicious, Warm and Cleansing

di    Neve Black




I carve out a tiny space of time that’s just for me each week; a sliver of indulgent time just for myself. I can feel the chaos of my busy day start to dissipate as I climb up the stairs and begin to shed pieces of my tired clothes. As my hand reaches for the door knob of the bathroom door, I let out a little sigh and shake my shoulder length hair free from the binding, tight elastic band. My aching bare feet feel the cool white tile on the floor, and the soft sound of the lock as it gently hammers into place sends an unexpected chill down my spine.
I slowly un-ravel the long silver chain from around the faucet, and place its anticipated tethered plug snugly into the hole of the drain. I turn the hot and cold spigots on and hear the pipes wrench a strong and forceful stream up from below. I stand back and watch as the bathtub begins filling up with warm and cleansing water.
I unzip my pants and wriggle out of my panties. I run my fingers through the hairs of my full bush before dipping my index finger into the cleft of my steadily beating clit. Another sigh escapes from my once parched lips.I stretch my arms up high and over my head before undoing the last few buttons on my shirt. Lastly, I unclasp my bra and let it fall to the floor, freeing my breasts and erect nipples. I glance down at my bra staring up at me along with my other clothes, like flags of surrender.
I open the linen closet door and look onto a sea of linens and bathroom cleaners. My pulse rate quickens once I glimpse my vibrator’s silver case winking at me with confidence. I blush at its boldness. I blush at my own need, before grasping it and setting it in the soap dish cradle, like a baby. On my knees, I add tiny droplets of scented oil into the whirling water. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I can almost feel myself leaving my body, transported to another place far, far away from the stressors of the day, and from the week. Next, I light the three candles that sit patiently around the ceramic tub’s perimeter and the light flickers against the vibrator’s case.
I see you. I know you’re there” I whisper affectionately to my vibe.
Slowly, I ease into the bathtub and feel the water’s softness move over my body. I stretch out my legs and lean my head back, closing my eyes and begin to relax and enjoy this precious time for myself. My clit pings with steady insistence. I reach for the vibrator, gently removing the top and turning it on. Instantly I feel the steady, quiet, but strong reverberating pulse in my finger tips. I lift my legs up and over the side of the tub and push my lower half up and out of the water. The water sloshes and stirs with my movements, and my bush is fully exposed, soaked and dripping wet. I open my legs wider. First, I run the vibrating tip back and forth across my belly before gliding its sensations along the insides of my thighs. I’m purposely teasing my suffering clit unmercifully. Finally, I spread my pussy lips with my other hand and press the tingling vibrating tip onto my pounding clit. The pulsations spread quickly into my core and I’m feeling the first tremors of orgasm. The building pleasure continues and once again I close my eyes just as my clit explodes, sending tidal waves of pleasure over me. I gasp and moan in blissful release. The water slops and slips around my convulsing body.
As the last pleasurable thrill moves over me, I know my alone time will be ending soon. This quiet escape is only temporary; a blip on the radar screen of my busy life. And already I can’t help but start plotting out next week’s alone time escape”